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Crime Fiction

Send Off Sir

Mark Basford

(pen name Marc de Caen)

Paperback 499 pages

Marcus Priestley's first case

£14.95 P&P free in the UK

A games master is red-carded at the annual school v. staff football match. His body is found shortly afterwards in the changing room, blood seeping from a wound to the back of the head. Due to insufficient forensic evidence, the police are uncertain whether the death was accidental or deliberate. When a second teacher is found dead, the series’ principal detective takes over the two cases, applying psychological analysis and moral pressure to unearth the facts.

Being the seminal work for a continuing series, this substantial novel uses side issues to explore and develop the main characters.

Birds in the Graves

Mark Basford

Paperback 476 pages

Marcus Priestley's second case

£12.95 P&P free in the UK

The apparent suicide of an artist is re-examined when a toxicology report indicates foul play. The series’ principal detective sets about understanding art and artists, in order to apply his psychological approach to finding the perpetrator.

He has dinner with beautiful art expert Anna, where she explains in some detail her unconventional views on modern art. She shows a personal interest in him, but he is happily married and fully intends to remain so; nevertheless, he cannot avoid being attracted to her. Being a moral man, he strives to remain faithful to his wife in the face of mounting pressure.

Santa's Special

Mark Basford

Paperpack 413 pages

Third case for

DCI Marcus Priestley

£12.95 p&p free in the UK

On Christmas Eve, DCI Marcus Priestley is aboard a Santa’s Special at a heritage railway, with his wife Helen and their two children. The steam train is halted and a signalman is found dead. Helen, a doctor and psychiatrist, examines him and concludes he was murdered. Derbyshire police have the case taken off them by the Met, who rig an autopsy to conclude he died accidentally. Helen insists Marcus conduct his own unofficial investigation. He meets with the British Secret Intelligence Service and the CIA. When the suspect’s phone is traced to Stockholm, he flies out with Lin Plummer, a DC. Ginny Long from the CIA meets them at the airport, and together the three set about tracking down the assassin, aided by Swedish Security.

Cheating and Lies

Mark Basford

Paperback 430 pages

Fourth case for

DCI Marcus Priestley

£12.95 p&p free in the UK

An old woman is found murdered at home. In her mouth is a playing card, the Queen of Clubs. DCI Marcus Priestley finds a connection to a dying woman, but she and her only living relative have watertight alibis. He searches for other crimes where the obvious suspects could not have been the perpetrators. Believing there may be a broad conspiracy behind the various cases, he sets out to unravel the web of connections.

DI Penny Baker arrives to run the original murder investigation. She is attracted to Marcus and tries to impress him with high-risk behaviour. Following unsuccessful abduction attempts on them, they are thrown together for protection. They pursue a connection to a drug dealer, leading to a violent and tragic outcome.

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