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‘A wonderful evocation of place; a window on the colour and confusion of India, portrayed with charming innocence and warmth.’


Anne Zouroudi

The Boy Who Made God Smile by G.J. Martin

Quarter bound hardback Limited edition 50

Signed by the author £24.95 + £2.80 p&p UK only


The Boy Who Made God Smile by G.J. Martin

Paperback £10.95 

Release date 14.10.16

Author's Preface


In the spring of 1994 I went to India to follow the path of the gods. For a long time I had been preparing to write a book about avatars, God-men and God-woman (I only knew of one), but instead I created a myth called The Boy who made God smile. It was a novella that described the startling world of Sai Baba’s ashram at Whitefield in southern India. I went on to visit calmer spaces, particularly the Red Mountain retreat of Sri Ramana Maharshi, and many more avatars, the touchable God-men of India who seem to offer instant solutions, both practical and spiritual, to lives that are troubled or lack purpose. Whilst there I met Noel Fox, the documentary film maker. He became my Boswell – his description and at his insistence – I’d planned to travel alone. Together we joined the spiritual tourists and later we would write a film about these experiences. It was to be called God Incorporated. Despite being funded and sponsored by two television networks, Noel’s deteriorating health meant the film was never made. In its stead, I have given him this book.



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