List of almost 300 violin/bow makers living in Mirecourt at the time of the 1886 census with their ages and addresses. SOLD OUT.


List of almost 400 violin/bow makers in Mirecourt at the time of the 1896 census with their ages and addresses. SOLD OUT.


Short Introduction in English then a facsimile of the 1880 auction catalogue in French of  items from J.B. Vuillaume's workshop. Paperback 16 pages £7.50.

The Messiah violin: a reliable history?
by Nicholas Sackman
275 pages, paperback 28 x 21 cm

Hardback £95.00

Special Edition limited to 125 copies £275.00

128 pages, colour illustrations, 300 x 235 mm

This monograph provides a photographic and documentary record of the company’s instrument making from its inception in the early 1880s to c.1936, when the first phase of  production ended. Historical context is provided as well as biographical summaries of the principals and employees involved. New information from primary sources corrects and supplements previously published work.

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